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SEE: ANGELS AND ARCHANGELS [Beelzebub’s Tales to his Grandson (1950)]

‘As I have already told you,’ said Gurdjieff, ‘there are very many kinds of suffering. This also is a stick with two ends. One kind of suffering leads to the angel, the other to the devil. [NOTT1]

In speaking of the denying force, Gurdjieff sometimes used the word ‘dabbel’. ‘You wish to be an angel,’ he said, ‘but dabbel also necessary. Angel can do one thing, dabbel can do everything.’ [NOTT1]

In answer to a remark from someone Gurdjieff began to speak about ’silly angels’ and said that if a man works on himself and purges himself of undesirable elements he will be better than an angel, a being with more understanding and experience. [NOTT1]

The Sufi poet, Jalali, says: ‘If thou art good enough to be a man thou art too good for an angel. Adam’s race of whitened dust are shrines that angels worship at.’ [NOTT1]

Pistis Sophia. Andrew says to Jesus: ‘Don’t be angry with me, but have patience and reveal to me the mystery; it is hard for me and I do not understand’. Jesus said: ‘Well, ask, and I will explain clearly.’ ‘It is a matter of wonder to me,’ Andrew said, ‘how men in the world and in the body of this matter, if they come out of the world, will pass through these firmaments and rulers, lords, gods, great invisibles, and enter into the Light Kingdom.’ Jesus said angrily: ‘How long must I put up with you? Are you so ignorant that you still do not understand? Don’t you know that you and angels and archangels, the gods and lords and rulers, and the great ones of the emanation of the Light, and their whole glory, are all made out of the same paste, matter and substance-you are all of the same mixture . . .but the great ones, in purifying themselves, have not suffered nor been in affliction . . . But you, you are the refuse of all these, and you suffer and are in affliction through being poured into different kinds of bodies in the world. Now, Andrew, and all of you, when by your sufferings you have purified yourselves, you will go on high to the Light Kingdom, and if you reach the region of the great Lord of the Light, you will be revered among them because you are the refuse of their matter and have become more purified than them all.’ [NOTT1]

Gurdjieff says that a perfected man is superior to the angels, the idea being that men, perfected to a certain degree of reason, are cells in the mind of God. Angels are his emotions. [NOTT1]


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