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SEE: Glossary Gurdjieff

“In all my three ‘being-centers’ – namely, in the three centers localized in the presence of every three-centered being, and which exist under the name of ‘Thinking,’ ‘Feeling,’ and ‘Moving’ centers – there began to be perceived separately and independently in each of them in a very strange and unusual way very definite impressions that there was taking place in the separate parts of my whole planetary body an independent process of the sacred ‘Rascooarno,’ and that the cosmic crystallizations which composed the presences of these parts were flowing ‘in vain.’ [BTG XVIII]

“It is necessary to notice further that these localizations or brains in beings serve not only as apparatuses for the transformation of corresponding cosmic substances for the purposes of the Most Great common-cosmic Trogoautoegocrat, but also as the means for beings whereby their conscious self-perfecting is possible.

“This latter aim depends upon the quality of the presence of the ‘being-Impulsakri’ concentrated, or, as is otherwise said, deposited, upon the said corresponding being-brains.

“Concerning the qualities of being-Impulsakri, there is among the direct commandments of our ALL-EMBRACING ENDLESSNESS even a special commandment, which is very strictly carried out by all three-brained beings of our Great Universe, and which is expressed in the following words: ‘Always guard against such perceptions as may soil the purity of your brains.’ [BTG XVII]

“Three-brained beings have the possibility personally to perfect themselves, because in them there are localized three centers of their common presence or three brains, upon which afterwards, when the process of Djartklom proceeds in the Omnipresent-Okidanokh, the three holy forces of the sacred Triamazikamno are deposited and acquire the possibility for their further, this time, independent actualizings.

“Just in this is the point, that the beings having this three-brained system can, by the conscious and intentional fulfilling of being-Partkdolg-duty, utilize from this process of Djartklom in the Omnipresent-Okidanokh, its three holy forces for their own presences, and bring their presences to what is called the ‘Sekronoolanzaknian-state’; that is to say, they can become such individuals as have their own sacred law of Triamazikamno and thereby the possibility of consciously taking in and coating in their common presences all that ‘Holy’ which, incidentally, also aids the actualizing of the functioning in these cosmic units of Objective or Divine Reason. [BTG XVII]

the said being-brains are found in the same parts of the planetary body of these three-brained beings who arise on the planet Earth as in us, namely:

“1. The brain predetermined by Great Nature for the concentration and further actualizing of the first holy force of the sacred Triamazikamno, called the Holy-Affirming, is localized and found in the head.

“2. The second brain, which transforms and crystallizes the second holy force of the sacred Triamazikamno, namely, the Holy-Denying, is placed in their common presences, also as in us, along the whole of their back in what is called the ’spinal column.’

“3. But as regards the place of concentration and source for the further manifestation of the third holy force of the sacred Triamazikamno, namely, the Holy-Reconciling – the exterior form of this being-brain in the three-brained beings there bears no resemblance whatever to ours.

“It must be remarked that in the primordial three-brained beings there, this said being-brain was localized in the same part of their planetary body as in us, and had an exterior form exactly similar to our own; but for many reasons which you will be able to understand for yourself during the course of my further talks, Great Nature was compelled little by little to regenerate this brain and to give it the form which it now has in the contemporary beings.

“This being-brain in the contemporary three-brained beings there is not localized in one common mass, as is proper to the presences of all the other three-brained beings of our Great Universe, but is localized in parts, according to what is called ‘Specific Functioning,’ and each such part is localized in a different place of their whole planetary body.

“But although, in its exterior form, this being-center of theirs has now variously placed concentrations, nevertheless all its separate functionings are correspondingly connected with each other, so that the sum total of these scattered parts can function exactly as in general it is proper for it to function.

“They themselves call these separate localizations in their common presence ‘nerve nodes.’

“It is interesting to notice that most of the separate parts of this being-brain are localized in them, just in that place of their planetary body where such a normal being-brain should be, namely, in the region of their breast, and the totality of these nerve-nodes in their breast, they call the ‘Solar Plexus.’ [BTG XVII]

“When these higher parts of three-brained beings, who are perfected to the corresponding gradation of objective Reason, get there, they fulfill precisely that function of the Okaniaki or ‘cells-of-the-head-brain,’ for which function, as I have already said, our UNI-BEING COMMON FATHER ENDLESSNESS condescended at the creation of the now existing World, to decide to use for the future those coatings who obtain independent Individuality in the Tetartocosmoses, as an aid for HIMSELF in the administration of the enlarging world.

“Further, in each of them, in their what is called ‘vertebral column,’ another concentration was localized, called there the ’spinal marrow,’ in which there are precisely those what are called denying sources, which actualize in their functionings in relation to the parts of the head-brain just such fulfillments as the ’second-order newly arisen Suns’ of the Megalocosmos actualize in relation to the Most Most Holy Protocosmos.

“It must without fail be noticed that in former epochs there on your planet, your favorites knew something about the separate particular functionings of the parts of their spinal marrow and they even knew and adopted various ‘mechanical means’ for action upon corresponding parts of this spinal marrow of theirs, during those periods when some disharmony or other appeared in their, as they express it, ‘psychic state’; but the information relating also to this kind of knowledge gradually ‘evaporated’ and although your contemporary favorites know that certain particular concentrations are in this spinal marrow of theirs, yet of course they have not the slightest notion for what function they were designed by Great Nature, and in most cases simply name them ‘brain-nodes’ of their spinal marrow.

“Well, then, just these separate brain nodes of their spinal marrow are the sources of denial in relation to the separate shades of affirmation in their head-brain, precisely as the separate ’second-order-Suns’ are the sources of the various shades of denial in relation to the various shades of affirmation of the Most Most Holy Protocosmos.

“And, finally, just as in the Megalocosmos, all the results obtained by the flow of the fundamental process of the Sacred Heptaparaparshinokh from the ‘affirmation’ of the Most Most Holy Protocosmos and from the various shades of ‘denial’ of the newly created ‘Suns’ began to serve thereafter as a ‘reconciling principle’ for everything newly arising and already existing, so that in them also, there is a corresponding localization for the concentration of all results obtained from the affirmation of the head-brain and from all the shades of denial of the spinal marrow, which results afterwards serve as a regularizing or reconciling principle for the functionings of the whole common presence of each of them.

“Concerning the place of concentration of this localization which serves the common presences of terrestrial three-brained beings as a regularizing or reconciling principle, it must be noticed that in the beginning these three-brained beings of the planet Earth who have taken your fancy, also had this third concentration, similarly to us, in the form of an independent brain localized in the region of their what is called ‘breast.’

“But from the time when the process of their ordinary being-existence began particularly sharply to change for the worse, then Nature there, by certain causes flowing from the common-cosmic Trogoautoegocratic process, was compelled, without destroying the functioning itself of this brain of theirs, to change the system of its localization.

“That is to say, she gradually dispersed the localization of this organ, which had had its concentration in one place in them, into small localizations over the whole of their common presence, but chiefly in the region of what is called the ‘pit of the stomach.’ The totality of these small localizations in this region they themselves at the present time call the solar plexus or the ‘complex of the nodes of the sympathetic nervous system.’

“And in those nervous nodes scattered over the whole of the planetary body, there are accumulated at the present time all the results obtained from the affirming and denying manifestations of their head-brain and spinal marrow, and these results, having become fixed in these ‘nervous nodes’ scattered over the whole of their common presence, are later also such a neutralizing principle, in the further process of ‘affirmation and denial’ between the head-brain and spinal marrow, just as the totality of everything arising in the Megalocosmos is the neutralizing force in the process of the affirmation of the Protocosmos and the various shades of denials of all the newly arisen Suns.

“And so, the three-brained beings of the planet Earth are not only, as we also are, apparatuses for the transformation of the cosmic substances required for the Most Great Trogoautoegocrat with the qualities of all the three forces of the fundamental common-cosmic Triamazikamno, but also, themselves absorbing these substances for transformation from three different sources of independent arisings, have all the possibilities of assimilating besides the substances necessary for the maintenance of their own existence, also those substances which go for the coating and perfecting of their own higher-being-bodies. [BTG XXXIX]


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