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Determination to reach a state where the functioning of my psyche in my usual waking state would flow in accordance with the previous instructions of my active consciousness. (Life is real…) p. 20

Remembering myself so as to be able to manifest myself, not according to my nature but according to the previous instructions of my collected consciousness. (Life is real…) p. 20.

I could not attain the state of remembering myself even sufficiendy to hinder the associations flowing in me automatically. (Life is real…) p. 21.

That full sensing of the whole of myself.. .in me.. .during the process of self-remembering. (Life is real…) p. 1.

There suddenly, as if by itself, came into existence in me a conviction of the full possibility of attaining all the three tasks indispensible for me, through the forces of the inner world struggle… I remember very well that because of my just-mentioned conviction my whole being was filled as if by some singular, never till now experienced, feeling of joy. Simultaneously with this, in me of itself, and without any manipulation on my part, there appeared the sensation of “self-remembering", also of a never-before-experienced vigor. (Life is real…) p. 42.


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